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No matter where you are on your journey to becoming anti-racist, there will be a book on this list to meet you where you are or better yet, push you to your limits. 

Articles of Interest


The median black household holds just ten percent of the wealth of median white household, and while blacks constitute thirteen percent of America’s population, they hold less than three percent of its wealth.


It is perhaps because these inequities in wealth are so large that many feel compelled to try to explain why they exist. And so they offer myriad explanations for the wealth gap, each of which this report painstakingly debunks.

By William Darity Jr., Darrick Hamilton, Mark Paul,  Alan Aja, Anne Price,
Antonio Moore, and Caterina Chiopris 

Must Watch Videos

Walk & Talk with Bridge the Divide - an Honest Conversation about Race and Divisions
By: Neil Willenson 

Neil Willenson is a video creator, actor, and non-profit & corporate executive. Enjoy his weekly "Walk & Talks" with celebrities, community leaders and those making an impact in our country....and beyond. Let's find common ground!


Links to our partners, educators, mentors, and co-conspirators in the work of racial justice. 

Bridge the Divide

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